Terri Knight embarked on her musical journey at a young age. At just 12 years old, she taught herself to play guitar and write music. Her talent quickly caught attention, and by the age of 13, she made her debut on the television show “Idahodown,” a country program. On the show, she captivated the audience with her rendition of the classic country song “The Green Green Grass of Home.” 

Between the ages of 13 and 17, Terri performed extensively in bars and clubs, despite the challenges posed by her age. It was during this time that she gathered a wealth of experiences that would inspire a lifetime of songs. Her mother played the drums in her first band, a collaboration that continued until Terri decided to venture out on her own. She eventually returned to her home state of Texas, where she pursued a college education in the arts in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) before settling in her hometown of Lubbock. 

Although Terri has lived in Abilene Texas for many years, she considers it her home and has achieved numerous musical successes in the area and its surroundings. She has had the privilege of sharing the stage with immensely talented individuals, including renowned blues musician Carvin Jones. Together, they performed Terri’s rendition of “Stormy Monday,” accompanied by Carvin’s exceptional guitar skills. They also collaborated on a second occasion, delivering an impressive performance of “All Along The Watchtower." 

Terri has also had the opportunity to open for notable bands such as 38 Special and has either interviewed (from her Classic Rock The Bear days) or performed alongside many icons of the classic rock genre. Her love for music extends across various genres, including Americana, Country, Classic Rock, and Originals. Through her music, Terri crafts stories and strives to establish meaningful connections with her audience. She currently serves as the Music Director and On Air Personality for Wolf Country 107.1FM in the afternoons, leveraging her extensive experience in radio, a field she has been passionate about for many years. Terri believes that immersing herself in music is the key to achieving balance in her life.

She has released five singles to radio, "Lookin' Up", "Silently Old", "Flying",  “Live Our Dream” and “Whiskey & Promises”  Her single "Lookin' Up" is charting in Europe  and  hit #1 on the EACM Chart in Europe. The single also got nods from TCMA Top 25 ones to watch .  She had a second song charting in Europe with "Flying" that  hit @1  on the EACM Chart in Europe.  "Live Our Dream" came in at #51 on the TIRC Chart.    She recorded "Lookin' Up" , "Flying",  "Live our Dream"  and “Whiskey & Promises” with Big Note Recording Studio in Abilene with Terry Mashburn producing and engineering the songs and the famed Milo Deering, multi instrumentalist, doing the music sessions.  "Flying" the radio version was Co Written with Greg Young,   Her latest single “Whiskey & Promises” has hit #1 on the EACM Chart in Europe and #31 on the TIRC Chart in Texas. 

Terri is lively in the Texas music scene and you can find her schedule here (just scroll) to catch a show!  She does solo shows at times but performs a lot of Song Swaps with other artists.  I love the Song Swaps because I get to share the art with other musicians and the audience gets a good experience having two different styles of music.




My Interview with Christopher Plain (Language Caution)

Lookin' Up

Released 2021

Recorded at Big Note Recording studio in Abilene, Tx. 

With Terry Mashburn & Milo Deering